Python coding growth challenge

I am convinced that your confidence and skills in Python can quickly grow with focused practice. So much so that I am creating a code improvement challenge.

At the beginning of a week, I will share a small problem, or code kata, to solve. I want you to challenge yourself by solving the kata by doing something you want to grow in.

For some of you, trying to solve the problem in Python will be challenging enough. For others, you may want to learn to write tests using pytest. Maybe you want to develop your test-driven development skills. Or you might try to solve the problem using functional principles.

However you challenge yourself, don't worry about getting in too deep. We'll have a Discord channel available to just this group, where you can ask for assistance.

Near the end of the week, I'll host a meeting. This meeting will be a safe place, where we all will share how we approached the problem and what we learned. You'll learn a lot from how others approached the problem, and others will learn from you. Don't worry if you weren't able to completely solve the kata. Trying to stretch yourself, practicing, and sharing are the points. We will all grow from learning from each other.

Rinse and repeat for five weeks.

Sound good? Fill out the form below, and you'll get access to the Discord channel where we'll connect.

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