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Chris May is a co-founder of PyRVA and a senior full-stack engineer at Markel in Richmond, Virginia.

Although he coded websites since 1995, his professional career started in the field of graphic design, where he created logos, brochures, static websites, and other creative products. Around 2005, he learned JavaScript and experienced explosive growth in his front-end development skills, learning about unobtrusive JavaScript, responsive design, and user experience through A List Apart and other blogs.

As he saw his capabilities grow in the browser environment, he had a yearning to do more outside of the browser and developed his interest in computer automation and server-side programming.

To grow his server skills, he started learning the popular web framework of the day, but was redirected by a friend away from ruby and towards python, a move he treasures to this day. He was so impressed with the number of things he was able to do with python that he co-founded PyRVA to empower others on their journey.

The growth in his professional career also fueled personal growth. Chris started making small changes over time to his diet and physical routine and lost over 70 pounds over the course of three years, maxing out at over 100 pounds lost after 10 years.

Seeing how small changes lead to big changes down the road, Chris is now hoping to help others on their journeys through this website, personal coaching, and corporate training.

He also has to acknowledge this beautiful website design could not have been done without his incredible wife, who he is inspired by and very proud of.


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