Recommended podcast episode: Full Stack Radio 51

October 13, 2016

The software industry believes every developer should be test-driven to the capacity she can be… and probably a little more. I tend to agree with that, but in individual conversations, (and if I’m honest, in my own head) I notice a lot of negativity, frustration, and confusion with the idea of testing.

I think this is understandable, as the testing ecosystem is a lot bigger, and a lot less well-defined, than it should be. To make things worse, most of the pain comes when one tries to adopt the practice, and in today’s world it seems that pain doesn’t pay off for quite some time.

All this to say that I really appreciate Adam Wathan’s Full Stack Radio podcast. He has been exploring many development topics in depth, with a very healthy perspective.

He’s been killing it for some time now, but in particular I was struck by how, in the most recent episode, Adam worked with his guest, Matt Wynne, to build a better understanding of what Behavior-Driven Development is intended for, and how it fits in to a healthy coding environment.

Give it a listen. And carve out some time to listen to any episode that mentions something you’re interested in.

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