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With the Python Refactoring Toolkit, you can take your Python code to the next level and gain confidence in your programming skills. This toolkit empowers you to enhance your existing projects with new features while maintaining code maintainability.

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“I was told to refactor my code,
but I didn’t know how.”

If you've ever been tasked with refactoring code but felt unsure about how to approach it, you're not alone. Many developers struggle to understand when to refactor, how to do it effectively, and what aspects of the code to focus on.

After extensive research, I discovered that developers had spent years refining step-by-step refactoring methods, which allow you to improve code quality without altering its functionality. However, most of these techniques were initially designed for languages like C and Java, which lack the flexibility and expressiveness of Python.

Driven by a passion for bridging this gap, I dedicated myself to translating and adapting these traditional refactoring practices into the Python context. The result is the Python Refactoring Toolkit, a comprehensive resource that brings the power of refactoring to the Python ecosystem, providing Python-specific methods and an easy-to-use technique that will boost your productivity.

I want to help expedite that process for you.

This toolkit translates the “traditional” refactoring practices into modern python, adds a few python-specific methods, and gives you a get-out-of-jail-free technique that is easy to remember and can help you if you don’t have the refactoring techniques handy.

Hi, I'm the author behind the Python Refactoring Toolkit.

I’ve been programming in python for more than 15 years and co-founded the python user group in Richmond, Virginia (PyRVA) in 2015.

With over 15 years of experience in Python programming and co-founding the Python user group in Richmond, Virginia (PyRVA) in 2015, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative effect of mastering new skills and achieving programming prowess.

I want you to experience that same sense of empowerment and confidence, knowing that you can create high-quality code to tackle any project.

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Improvement patterns

These patterns serve as valuable tools to identify areas in your code that can be enhanced for better performance and maintainability.


Refactoring methods

Each method is accompanied by a step-by-step guide that allows you to improve your code without changing its behavior. These methods are specifically tailored for modern Python development, ensuring optimal results.

Quick rescue technique

The toolkit includes an easy-to-remember technique for refactoring code when you don't have access to specific refactoring methods. It's a handy "get-out-of-jail-free" card that can save you time and effort.

Enhanced for Obsidian

The Python Refactoring Toolkit is ready to be plugged into Obsidian , a powerful and free program that brings the toolkit to life. Obsidian offers advanced search capabilities, linked documents, note-taking enhancements, and many other features that complement and enhance your refactoring experience.

Community support

When you purchase the Python Refactoring Toolkit, you gain access to the vibrant Everyday Superpowers community on Discord. This community is a valuable resource for Python enthusiasts, providing a platform to connect with helpful Python experts, including the author of the toolkit, who are ready to support and guide you in your growth as a developer.

Ready to level up?

With this toolkit, your python code is quickly going to become better, and you’re going to be more confident.

The Python Refactoring Toolkit


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  • Over 120 pages of content
  • 20+ improvement patterns to enhance your code
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This resource is going to pay many dividends for you and your team, so why not have your company purchase it for you or your team? Many companies will purchase it for you or reimburse you for it.

The toolkit cost could be recouped in two weeks:

  • Reduced time fixing bugs
  • More maintainable code, freeing up time for new feature development
  • Faster product delivery
  • A deeper understanding of design patterns that enhance development and testing

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